The UWCA creates great adventures for youth, families, and adults on the Mississippi River. Join us for a day trip, overnight camping trip, or multi-day trip. It's an experience that will last a lifetime.


Wilderness Inquiry’s Adventure Leadership Program (ALP) develops strong leaders for a diverse society. Designed for young adults of all backgrounds and abilities, ALP seeks to bridge the gap that often exists between nondisabled youth and teens with disabilities.  We do this in a fun way that is interesting and enriching for all teens --exciting outdoor adventures.

Typically, each trip is subsidized between 25% and 50% of the actual costs. In addition to this subsidy, ALP participants who qualify receive additional financial aid. Each year we work to raise $35,000 to ensure that the program is financially accessible for everyone.

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Comments on ALP's Life-Changing Experiences:

"This trip had a profound impact on my son. You have given him the ability to participate in this world in a meaningful way. What more could a mother want?"  - Betsy W.

"Being a part of WI has helped my child gain confidence, patience, and a deep appreciation of nature. It has been a life-changing experience." -  Elle, mother of ALPer

“I play on a wheelchair basketball team, where I hang out with others who have a disability. I also am part of my school play, where I’m the only kid with a disability. ALP is the only place where there is a real mix of kids of all backgrounds and abilities.” - Ziggy N., age 15

"I am looking forward to watching my daughter and other ALPers continue to grow in the most positive environment I have ever experienced as a parent."  -  Carla, mother of ALPer